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Background: Stress Management is one of the most important and happening concept in the organization which focuses on controlling a person’s level of stress for the purpose of improving everyday functioning.  The stress management techniques are used by health practitioners, which may help to reduce stress and promote general well-being.

Aims: Objectives of the study focused on analyzing the level of stress of the employees and as to how the management given suggestions in order to minimize stress. It also aims to find out how the employees reduce their stress in work place, in addition to identify the coping methods practiced by the employees.

Research Methods: This research focuses on descriptive research methodology, making the stress management practices in the organization clear. The universe in the present study is restricted to the total 250 employees in Chennai branch of Electro Magnetic flux industries. Stratified Random sampling technique has been used for collecting the primary data from 75 employees.

Results: Through this project, one can have a reasonable understanding of the term stress Management, understand what is being done for the employees by the management to reduce stress, and analyze the internal conflicts from a wide range of external situations of employees, determine how importance it is for the employees to implement an effective stress management system in the organization and promote well-being.

Conclusion: Information was obtained on the response received from the employees of Electro Magnetic flux industries, Chennai through questionnaire. It was observed that employees are feeling stressful due to the heavy work pressure given in the organization. The result showed that employees differ in their stress levels based on their departments, age and gender. Hence, the management must take several initiatives in helping their employees to overcome its disastrous effect. This can be done by giving counseling & incorporating the suggestions given here in at individual and organization level. 

Key Words: Stress management: stress reduction: relaxation techniques: physiological problems and depressions.

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About the Author

S.John Kaviarasu,

 Assistant Professor, School of Human Excellence, Loyola College (Autonomous),Chennai – 34.                      

Josephin Priya

Assistant Professor, School of Human Excellence, Loyola College (Autonomous), Chennai-34


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